Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Email marketing still can achieve higher conversion rates

Technology have been changed so fast during three decade years,  Email is the 21st century marketer's star turn which can be done for free so most business man know that  sent an email  it won't include a cheque for customers but will get return from them. Even it's taken a lot of time but email marketing finally come of age now. Thus, Bunting, J. (2008) said that when email goes right, it can go very right. and that why email marketing is worth considering if it is done correctly in digital marketing.

  "with 42% of marketers who use slow email technology reporting lower than average conversion rates, it seems that revenue is being lost through outdated, sluggish systems."--Based on Christopher Ratcliff online survey (2014) 

This survey not only shows slow email technology bring lower conversion rate but also let email marketing become outdated, sluggish systems. but Bryan Wade (senior vice president of ExactTarget Marketing) argued that email marketing is growing, it is vibrant, would not be outdated today as larger amount of emails sending and receiving from customers are just keep push email marketing growing and growing. also the figures point out on the return on investment (ROI) that customers spend on every dollar email marketing they can get $40 back. which due to use fast email marketing still can gain a high conversion rate which no other digital channel can beat that on ROI.

From this return per email dollar spent chart, when we compare two parts of marketers, one company use the technology in the fast or easy  way can be achieved on an average ROI of nearly 40:1 for every dollar spent, the other with a ratio of 26:1 for those company use technology in the slow system group.                                                                                       

From this conversion rates compared to sector average chart,  11% of the fast group report  and 33% report ‘somewhat higher’ than average, but people in the slow group o% at ‘significantly higher’ conversion rates and 28%‘somewhat higher’ less than average ,.when marketers with faster, easier to use email systems.
can  be easy to achieve a high conversion rates.

All in all, the email marketing which will lead to higher ROI than any other digital channel. If marketers can use the fast/easy email system technology instead of slow email technology  will provide a high conversion rates, even in high-efficiency digital marketing then they'll start seeing far better results in email marketing.

*Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics in email marketing. It speaks to marketers’ ability to turn engagement into revenue

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