Thursday, 31 October 2013

Get reports from Google Analytics

 When you create Google Analytics custom reports, If you have a google account and also you need to sign in to the Google Analytics account , you can click the “Get Report” links in each section below for each of the reports.

Under this blog, I have list some reports link to easy way to find out  sources for publishers, bloggers and content marketers

Custom analytics reports

1. This report show when are people viewing your content

Download time of day report

2. This  report show Which keywords are bringing visitors to your articles

 Download non-branded keyword report

Next for a real-time dashboards

1, This will show you a content marketing dashboards

 Download content marketing dashboard

2, This will show you a realtime overview dashboard

Download overview dashboard

For the more information about reports and dashboards:

My Top 5 Most Used Custom Reports in Google Analytics  by Grey Habermann

Google Analytics--setting step by step

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  1. Good work, the tutorial video you added is also helpful for beginners to google analytics.