Thursday, 5 December 2013

keyword strategy report on MCM fashion company

 Founded in 1975, German Brand'Mode Creation Munich' (MCM),Its' range of products included luxury handbag collection and vintage briefcases, as well as its men's bag products and small leather goods.

Keywords to connect to MCM homepage could be MCM, MCM Leather, MCM Handbags, MCM goods, Backpacks, MCM backpacks, STARK BACKPACK, MCM men, MCM  Women, South Korean leather goods,but this not suit for people not know the brand.

Google Keywords

Try  to search the bagd & packs category, top five keyword ideas were handbags(60,500), Backpacks(22,200), luxury handbags(480);leather good (880) leather accesspries (210). But the price changed depend on specific words, Follow shows:
the leather handbags designer (£3.05) more higher than handbags(£0.45)

There are three main compertitors ( From the google trend),

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