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Being more effective on Content marketing

Digital content and digital products are conceptualised as bit-based objects distributed 
through electronic channels. (Koiso-Kantilla ,2004)

When look at the nowadays marketing, most consumers have been left out from the traditional markets, and skip to the advertising from internet and TVs. As the traditional marketing becoming less and less effective and replace by the content marketing which has to be better way for people shopping on new ways.But what is content marketing? and content marketing  is a marketing technique develops and distributes content value intended to attract and retain a target audience that will be an action to drive profit to customer.

why should marketer focus on the content marketing, there are some fact collect from the internet:

  • In 2014, 58% of companies plan to increase their content marketing budgets.. (Content Marketing Institute
  • Online presence is a must for businesses, as 93% of online research starts with a search engine, and 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying. (Brandpoint
  • 66% of the most effective content marketers have a “documented content strategy” and 86% have a dedicated person or team managing that strategy. (Webdamsolutions.com
  • On all organizations that operate programs marketing content, 48% say that their efforts have resulted in the commitment to customers and potential customers, and 41% are seeing an increase in brand awareness. (Marketing Land
From above figure shows content marketing has been the best way for communicating and engaging customers online, thus the high quality content will help your business more effective. That why a lot markers increase invest in the content marketing.

Below will display some good example of content marketing

  • Brew Dog Beer

AS Brew Dog beer launch  a project of " Equity for Punks" which will be a useful content marketing strategy leading a crowd-funding for their business in order to company constantly delivering marketing .

  • British Airways
British Airways has been design  and produced  some campaigns were very effective last year which will not only for their online campaign. BA have offer a idea and let people talking which combine the offline advertising with online marketing to encouraging people to share via social media

    • Taste Williams-Sonoma

    Above is a blog from the taste which have shows a great online lifestyle magazine and also recommend what kind of products they sell now. The company get well touch in the content marketing in social media.

    All in all, in the today's business more and more marketers pay attention on the content marketing by using the techniques and tips to enrich or create their content, that why have point out some good example of good content marketing and example shows content should make more effective connect with your customer and readers.  Here are some content marketing tips can help your achieve a good performance on your business.

    1. Readers Will Show You What To Talk About
    2. Readers Love To Look Forward
    3. Readers Love Pop Culture Adaptations
    4. Readers Love To Get Better At Things They Enjoy
                                                                         Collect from Hootsuite

    In the end, Content marketing will still be a top field for marketers pay attention on it and also will leading a big change on the new market by replace the traditional way.  In order to provide an effective content marketing for the customers.

    The video of  the History of Content Marketing, which has shows development of content marketing and background information.

    Future reading: Traditional Publicity VS Content Marketing
    Available at: http://blog.attachmedia.com/en/publicidad-tradicional-vs-marketing-de-contenido/


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