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Social Media is the key to digital marketing (1)


“No marketing strategy, guru or digital platform. And we don’t worry about our social media profiles. People are amazed”  by Ajith Jayawickrema

The social media or social life can be done online and offline, which will be best tools for you when you start a new business on digital marketing even at that moment you don't have enough time and enough resources to do everything, so the social media sociability is the key to networking and connect your business. In fact, social media spend in the UK for the first 6 months of 2013 grew by 53% to £242.5million, and it’s will continues increased ( IAB, 2014).  As the social media is the key factors in digital strategies. Next section analysis some social media will focus on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


What is YouTube? YouTube is market-dominant video sharing website, on which users can view, share, upload even download. The fact(size) of this website

  • 800 million unique users per month
  • More than 100 million social actions (shares, likes/dislikes, comments) per week
  • Users in 43 countries, across 60 languages more than 1/10 of worlds population

YouTube based on a lot of the watching crowd,  which will give you a better chance to show your product and service.

Advantage on using YouTube

  • Search Engines Love Video Content as YouTube is free, in order that will give you chance to reach the high ranking on websites featuring video content

Free and Easy to Share
For the small business without enough funding and YouTube could be one of the best tools to expand your business on digital marketing as the video will appear in both YouTube and Google search engines without any cost.

Below each video, YouTube offer a sharing option to the users and allow them to recommend it to their social network like Facebook and Twitter even click like the video share with their friends. Thus, YouTube make easy to share which will be save you time to let video content across a variety of social media channels.

  • Reaches to a Global Audience 

From above the graph of Facebook shows breakdown of traffic by country in the world and the colour darker the more people click. As YouTube is one of the world’s largest and successful video share webside which have already a large number of users have visited this sites that why youcan upload your video of your product and services see by all over the world in order to attract customers. Also lest the YouTube make a right target on the social networking even you start a new business by using YouTube not only target on your local market but also across the world to increase sales on your products or services.

Try builds trust and spreads your content across the web
Below a video shows How To Create Good Content For YouTube Channel

YouTube as one of the highest trafficked site in the world which means through the YouTube videos your products and services can have about 60 million viewers for each months. Also YouTube as a highly rate of trust tools in digital marketing, thus under this effective way, your product or services will more likely to buy by your customers and can increase many new customers through spread your content on YouTube videos. So make sure your tags effectively and use keywords which will be easier for users to reach your video across web.


  • Concept overrides content

How to get thousands of viewers every day to watch your YouTube video and in video-marking not always with a good content. Under a meaningful content almost let your customer forget how they were led to the site (Brookins, Smallbusiness). Thus using mix videos and audios to show a different keep videos to shorter. Also your can make an amazing and outright in your ads. Which would make them want to discover your topic.

  • Requires more attraction

The more attraction need your video under an interest by your customer enough for them continue watching until the end. That why most YouTube video shows a common weakness on attract customer. Do not let your video pass by the next video, make your video more amazing and surprise.

Below there is a list of disadvantage using YouTube for your business:
1. ADVERTISING: Can hurt your brand.
2. ANALYTICS: Too basic.
4. PERSONAL BRAND: Without company's logo.
5. CLICK TO ACTION: Unconnected website directly.
6. UNIQUE TEXT: Without a promotion or coupon to your product.
7. CUSTOMER SERVICE: No personal support
9. UNWANTED COMPETITION: Unwanted related videos from competitors and spammers.

All in all, YouTube is an excellent platform for small business even personal use compare with other video-sharing sites. However, sometimes to sell products and services bring a disadvantage. Video Marketing with video advertising to promote your business or client services, and feature is still somehow new in the internet marketing arena and continue as an important digital marketing strategy.

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