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Important factors for SEO content on online store

What kind website will attract your customers? and How can make your website more easy to be collected by search engines.? That why you need to design or make a goal on SEO content  on your pages. Before analysis the key factors of the SEO content, what is SEO content in order to  easy to understand broken down two parts:

  •  SEO is shortly for search engine optimization, as the process of the optimizing a website that your customers will find you via search engines like Yahoo, Google
  • By "content" can be defined as the information list on the website and can be lives on the web.
After combined two concepts,  SEO content is a goal to create any content to attract the search engines traffic. (Gabbert, 2012)

Next will list some important factors of SEO content for selling website
  1. Quality of SEO Content 
For the online shop website, most them use the same information with a  a simple brochure which could be found hundreds even thousands similar sites. How can you demanding your customers visit your site for a long time? However, without the high quality content  you cannot attract your customers  spend a few second on those sites. Thus, you should make a new content,  fresh content and living content. then people will through smartphones and computers via it everyday.  

The Amazon is a good example shows what is the high quality SEO content should be, first put  the your own stuff in first place, after that offer their some stuff which them will be consider or something them have viewed before. All of those content are set up on each customer who have vista your web but everyone is unique.

      2. Keyword and  Research of SEO content

 Always a good SEO content will connect to  a good keywords research.There are a number of tools will be work for you to find the keywords which people search your content.  That why you need to link to the keywords which people using for search terms. also keep the same style like the language your customer using when them searching.

There is a guide will help you find useful tools:
Search Engine Land’s Keyword Research Guide

 3. Freshness and Engagement of SEO content

Above is a screen shot of,  you can see their have put the later products on middle of home page, so that make sure you can update your sites for everyday the new stuff even thinking or idea.will make your SEO content become freshness (Usborne, 2010). Therefore, quality content will not produce a lot meaningful things with your customers. Remember to engagement your content with search engines all the time. which can use the social media, like the example use Blogs. Thus, engagement and freshness used to improve search results.

Below two article useful for you create Freshness and Engagement:

Following are some types of SEO content, but don’t upon these list ( Gabbert, 2012)

  • Product Pages – These are the bread and butter of any retail e-commerce site. 
  • Blog Posts – A blog is one of the easiest ways to create a regular stream of SEO content as blogs are very flexible.
  • Articles – Think news article, interview, or feature piece. 
  • Lists – The framing it as a list makes it easier to scan. 

Once you have start the online store, you should to build out an SEO content,  also important to create new content on a  blog. the SEO content need to follow the target market, this will help you quick to find the the keywords. However this blog give you some background of SEO content which help you find what what type of content it will be and what factors should include. A good SEO content will make a success in online marketing.

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