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Improve social media to keep attract customers

When look at the whole of digital marketing strategy,  social media  remains one of the key channels to engage customers and conveys brand information and creates brand image through varieties of advertisements, entertainments and social activities. the facebook, youtube and so on this social networking have attract a large number of people pay attention on those website how can keep your customer focus on or look at your site.

Definition of Social media

"Social media is a type of online media that expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media, which delivers content but doesn't allow readers/viewers/listeners to participate in the creation or development of the content."  By Susan Ward

Example of bad social media

  1. Tesco caught horsing around
The scandal of horse meat is one of the biggest news to hit the UK supermarket last year, Tesco was one of the most important villains / victims.though Tesco take action and immediately remove .
Unfortunately the team of customer service was not as strong, and had to make a quick apology after failing to stop the pre-programmed to tweet out ...

  2.  Luton Airport makes light of child’s death

In March of 2013 Luton Airport posted a light-hearted Facebook update to assure passengers that they would remain safe even when it snows.
The post read: “Because we are such a super airport….this is what we prevent you from when it snows……Weeeee :)”

  3. British Gas gets its timing all wrong

Back in October 2013, the British gas held a Q & A on the rise greedy and unsustainable price was the price increase of 11%. . and someone has already examined the collapse that followed in more detail, the discovery that 16,000 + angry responses that British Gas received 88 accused the company of being "greedy" and 145 contained the word "death ".

From this three example about the social media, each company want to their customer focus on their issue, but at end more customer feel unhappy even angry. Did company lost their customer? Yes, of course. How can improve your social media keep customer interesting.

How can improve on social media
1. Make a genuine effort

There are many brands that deal with digital and social media for different countries. Sometimes, traders do not take the time to understand the audience and how they can benefit. If you are a national company, it is important to be coordinated at the local, regional and national digital campaigns supported by traditional advertising to get the exposure you need campaigns (Tagliani, 2014).

2. Engage your audience

When different kind of people walk into the social media, they always bring some useful information to social media as one of important tool to them. Thus, you should take them into your social media through ask for their advice, ideas and get them involved

3. Get to know their culture

If you really want to succeed in the platforms of social media, your brand must appeal to the culture with others. Establish a meaningful dialogue with them online which shows a significant effort to understand their culture and needs.

4. See the big picture

The place of social media is an opportunity to transfer your brand  to others which will through digital and social media across the world (Tagliani,2014). so that you can add more language on your website even open a local Facebook or twitter account to share your brands or product, in order to connect much more effectively with this new market.

TIps from The Marketing donut (2014)


consider where your target audience gathers online 
have a presence on social media platforms relevant 
make sure your profile is up to date and communicate the essential details 
engage with potential new customers


use social media to push sales messages
expect instantaneous result
substitute existing practices for social media — incorporate thems

This blog have combine examples and tips to give your some advice to improve your social media, as social media is one of the important part relate to the digital marketing. Always make sure your social media walking on the right way and share your content passionately and consistently in community to keep attract your customer and keep them interesting in your information.

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