Tuesday, 6 May 2014

what can cause email marketing to fail

No matter how email marketing can bring to high conversion rate with high return to the marketers, the one thing we cannot ignore that the pitfalls of any underachieving email program. Although marketers see cheap, easy revenue each time an email is sent but  it ain't that easy, so following points can cause email marketing to fail:

A generic type of e-mail
This is the most common mistakes in E-mail marketing , use the same format for mail sent, did not take into account the needs of customers . Sometimes the contents of this email has been repeated figured out , covering large amount information which is very comprehensive, but almost those kind email will not be attract their customers.  when look at the simple and  carry the personal information would be better or   more accepted by customers , also this kinds of email loyalty is relatively high. So suggest email writer  can be used questions and answers , comments and other mail formats.

The message is sent too frequently
Below email shows how many get in half a month, that was too much email sent by Crunchyroll which make their customers tired to read all of this message, thus could be lost some important information.

So send e-mail frequently is another important cause customers objectionable . but there still many marketers believe that the subscribers to communicate better, but this is not true , which will  lead to loss of customers. The best amplification is to protect the rights of subscription customers , consider customer demand, the amount of transmitted; development of relevant transmission cycle , let the E-mail marketing become more valuable.

Send pictures in the form of e-mail
The picture in the form of e-mail messages. Do you think about  server vendors to reduce the amount of spam , par rigorous audit of the picture , and even some close up pictures display. Therefore , E-mail marketing keep the pictures to transfer the useful information and should avoid pure graphical messages sent using the picture, better with some text to describe. As beautiful pictures can not be seen by  a customer , there is no value.

Below was an example of email picture with text, which will be better for transfer information to their customer and the picture can give their direct describe what kind product will be look like.

The messages without the user's permission

Basic E-mail marketing is the customer allowed , but many online shopping websites have a common that if a customer buy their products from them will be automatically classified as willing to accept the message , and added these consumption in the process of sending e-mail after e-mail list .In fact  need Need permission to do this . Otherwise, it may damage their brand.

Below is part of email from Amazon, in the red line, they give you choice you can opt-out what ever you want leave, this will be a good point for their customer if they didn't need anymore those kind product can be stop it. Also offer a high quality email marketing services

No social media links mail
Social networking is one of the effective ways to interact with customers , many server vendors have provided social media share the message content . But some companies have not been able to use this function well, this can easily lead to loss of customers.  So, add social media links to the current E-mail marketing is an indispensable link between businesses and customers to provide a good interactive platform.

You can put all your social media after the main text, below shows a good content with a social networking

In the end, E-mail marketing this kind of network marketing, is a relatively small cost of inputs , but it can play a very good marketing effectiveness of marketing mode, so more and more enterprises focus on E-mail marketing . Thus, not only see the advantage of E-mail marketing to attract more customer and increase the online sales, but also take care about fail of email market which can cause a negative impact on the business.


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