Friday, 2 May 2014

How to avoid things email readers hate

The video above shows  the top five email mistakes and the most the email readers hate, so how can to avoid to make  the email more valuable.

The whole map of digital marketing strategy,  email  remains one of the best channels to engage customers and build brand loyalty. The marketers not put a lot time on their email marketing as they think they gain a few back from the customer email, but there some reasons cause this situation, the most important  is they write email on their behavior or performance which will no direct or indirect connect with their customer even did not care about the customer feels (Eridon, 2012). That why most marketers not achieved a high email marketing rating. there are four email mistakes and should be avoid.

1. Receiving unsolicited emails

This will be a common mistake for the most company marketers as they believed if a customer bought something from their online shop will be automatic to accept their sales information emails. Do they stand in customers side , no one like any companies without any permission to take into their mailing list.

However, sometimes some customers forgot they have opted-in subscribers which will make customer confuse to receive those emails. the solution you can put an opted-out selection on your emails, example below:

There are some tips to prevent this mistake:

  1. Keep your name and brand name, always use "from" as title which your customer will recognizes
  2. Do not change your name and email address once your have start email marketing business, using your own logo and branding, which will decrease the spam email.
  3. Check again, don't forget ask the permission to email them

2. Not being able to read your email on their mobile

Today, most people use  their smartphone to receive and check their emails, so you need to change your writing style to adapt to their mobile phone, thus to design a phone email form become important for your customers, also make sure you newsletter can be load on their phone.

Above a photo shows a bad email will not display well in smartphone not only difficult to find the key point but also cut down rate of your customer view. below a few key factors to lead change:

  1. keep your a single column template and make your content more flexible that can suitable for all size phone screen
  2. Try to cut off the large size picture even don' t use picture on your email keep simple. if the picture will not be load or broken, so avoid embed text in images.
  3. Keep your email short and short again, your customer do not have much time and patience to read whole message. 
3. When it’s hard to find your contact details
Look at this email which was the confirmation of order, if you have any question about you order, how can you to contract seller which will make your customer feel helplessness even angry. when you send email about product information and offer, should leave a clear contract details so that reader can get touch you in time. Don't lose your customers, fix it.

4. Stupid spelling mistakes

Can you image your receive a email with some spelling mistakes? Do you feel misunderstand and confuse? Just like one email below:
 A few tip will help you to develop:

  1. Start spell check for every email your have send, don't let your reader feel you are not pay attention to them even it is an incomplete email to your customers
  2. However spell mistake easy to fix but your still need to remember proofread your email and newsletter before send it to readers.

There are still a lot mistake in email marketing and marketers have continue to make some unexpected mistake will leading in email marketing fails, however, most customers will not change their mind but if you want money from their pocket, you need to fix your email let email on the correct way.

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